Peewee Roscoe, real name Jimmy Winfrey, has been released from prison following his alleged involvement in Lil Wayne's tour bus shooting case in 2015. Per XXL, Winfrey's attorney confirmed his client was released from prison on Friday, Nov. 6th. 

"He was released from his Georgia sentence in August but was transferred to Florida on a probation violation case," Steve Sadow told the publication. "That Florida probation violation case was just resolved and he is now released from jail."

Winfrey celebrated his return with a flight of a PJ. He shared a photo of himself standing on the plane's stairs, writing, "IM FREE DEATHB4DISHONOR $LATTMAFIA BIZNE$$ 4EVERYOUNG GOATFREE BANKROLLMAFIA Y$L."

Jimmy Winfrey was accused of being the shooter in the Lil Wayne tour bus shooting in 2015. Following Wayne's performance in Atlanta, his tour bus was struck by bullets, though no one was harmed, nor did the bus actually get hit. Winfrey turned himself in to authorities after a judge issued a warrant for his arrest. He was charged with aggravated assault, terroristic threats, possession of a firearm by a felon and criminal gang activities.

Though initially facing 20 years, he pleaded guilty to six of the 27 counts against him and received 10-years of prison time and another 10-years of probation in return. His conviction was overturned after he appealed the sentence with claims that the judge had pressured him into the deal. This past August, he struck a plea deal where he admitted to two counts of violation of the Street Gang Terrorism and Prevention Act. He received seven years in prison with time served for the past five years.