For the last few days, Mike WiLL Made-It has been teasing the guest spots on the upcoming Creed II soundtrack. News broke out at the beginning of the month that he would be executive producing and curating the full project, allowing him to make a run against Black Panther for soundtrack of the year. It will be hard to surpass what Kendrick Lamar did on BP but so far, Mike WiLL is on the right track. We expected to hear a lot of Rae Sremmurd on the work, considering their close ties, but it looks like the producer has different plans.

Over the weekend, Mike WiLL was retweeting fans as they guessed who could be on the project, teasing appearances from Nas, Nicki Minaj, Eminem, Young Thug, Kendrick Lamar, and others. One of the first confirmed features was just announced by the producer on Instagram as he shared a text message conversation with Mack Maine. Keeping in line with a list of impressive rumored acts, Lil Wayne will be following up his Carter V success by spitting a verse (or two) on the upcoming Creed II soundtrack.

Mike WiLL is excited about Weezy's verse, responding to Mack Maine that he went "hard" before revealing to fans that the song is being mixed and mastered. Despite his retweets, Mike has remained tight-lipped about who else we can expect on the project. We should know more information as time rolls on.