There’s something going on with Lil Wayne. He was scheduled to perform last night for the seventh iteration of the annual Life Is Beautiful Festival in Las Vegas when he suddenly was a no show. One fan on Reddit says, “There was a sound clip of 3 gunshots a “'Young Mula baby'” and then nothing for 10 minutes.” This is now the fourth show Wayne has skipped on his current touring run. 

The trend is irritating fans who continue to spend their hard-earned money to watch him perform. One fan wrote on Twitter, “I'm personally gonna fight lil wayne for canceling life is beautiful.. he should do a private performance at your house to make up for it.” Others expressed genuine concern for his health, “I hope Lil Wayne is okay. He been pulling out of a lot of show dates and he just canceled on us at Life is Beautiful in Las Vegas.”

Apparently ten minutes after he was scheduled to perform, a message came on the screens that read, “Unfortunately, Lil Wayne will not be able to perform tonight. Sorry for any inconvenience.” It seems like tonight’s show at Nationwide Arena in Columbus, Ohio is canceled as well.