Lil Wayne's been having a rough time, if that wasn't only evident by his recent tweets, it's evident by the amount of drama he's had to deal with as of late (in addition to the never-ending Birdman lawsuit), which we've reported on as well. 

Weezy suffered a couple of seizures in the past few months, as well he's had to deal with the loss of his baby mama's two brothers, and there have been developments in his various lawsuits which could negatively affect his case against Birdman too. If that wasn't enough (and we're probably missing a thing or two), just the other week, Wayne became the latest swatting victim. Weezy's Miami Beach crib was stormed by the police the other week, after a call that claimed a man was shot and bleeding inside Wayne's home. Wayne, who was asleep at the time, woke up to the cops inside his mansion, and wasn't too pleased. He was reportedly so frustrated, he said, "I'm tired of this shit... take me to jail." 

Now Wayne is attempting to rid himself of the property and the troubles associated with it. The rapper has reportedly listened the mansion for $18 million, after purchasing it for $12 million back in 2006.