Weezy has only recently ventured in clothing design, with his new skateboarding clothing company, Trukfit, and now he is going to be taking a turn at shoe design also.

VIBE got word from Lil Wayne that he will be designing his first signature shoe, not with Nike or Reebok though.

VIBE: Do you guys plan on doing Trukfit shoes?
Lil Wayne: That will probably be further way down the line. I do have a shoe coming out soon but it won’t be Trukfit. I have shoe with a well-known company. I just don’t want to say yet because Ihaven’t dotted the line yet. But it’s done

Can you give us any hints? Is it going to be a major shoe company like Nike or Reebok?
Nah, it’s not a Nike or Reebok, I can tell you that much.

We’ve seen you in Supras heavy...
Uh-oh. Watch out [Laughs].

The official announcement will be made in the coming weeks.