Well this looks sick. Lil Wayne is partnering up with Hulu & Live Nation for a new virtual reality concert series called “On Stage."

Giving us the new 360 video experience, the series looks to deep dive into the creative process of an artist’s live music experience, from being “onstage” with the artist & band to backstage.

“Virtual Reality is an entirely new medium, and ‘On Stage’ is a first-of-its kind premium music experience,” said Noah Heller, VP of Emerging Technology at Hulu, in a statement. “Our partnership with Live Nation, a company that is synonymous with connecting music fans with their favorite artists, has allowed us to create an experience where you, the fan, are on the stage for the performance, and backstage with the artist. The result is a highly intimate experience that you cannot find anywhere else.”

Hip-Hop’s best rapper alive, Lil Wayne, will be featured on the first episode of the series, debuting on the Hulu VR app on Jan. 26. Check out the trailer which dropped today for it (below).