Lil Wayne's performance at Milan fashion week ended very abruptly Saturday night, as the rapper left the stage after performing only a few bars of his Carter 4 hit, "John". 

Footage from the event shows Weezy asking the crowd to put their hands up, before turning to side-stage and saying "“Is this what you want me to do? You serious?". After what Milan journalist Laura Rysman says was a mere 10 seconds, Wayne cut his first song, throwing his mic in the air and walking off in a huff.

While the first report assumed Wayne was disappointed with the crowd's reaction, his team has now stated that it was actually technical difficulties with his mic that upset the rapper.

According to Rysman, Wayne got into a cab right after he left the stage. 

We're hoping that the cab went to the studio to meet Kanye West, who was recording in Italy at the time, but that's a bit of a reach.

Watch the clip below.