Lil Wayne may be one of hip-hop's GOATs, but for reasons unknown, he remains a consistent target at live shows. Last year, Weezy was left with no choice but to summon the goon squad, who swiftly congregated around him like an unconditionally loyal amorphous blob; once the goons were good and threatening, Weezy cut the concert short and dipped. Now, it would appear history is in the midst of repeating itself, albeit with a different conclusion. This time, the incident went down during Sydney's Jumanji Festival over the weekend, with Wayne performing arena-style for a massive audience.

For whatever reason, one audience member felt compelled to laugh a water bottle on stage; perhaps he thought Wayne was thirsty, or merely felt the compulsive and sick desire to bring attention upon himself. Either way, the bottle soared through the air, narrowly missing Weezy. At this point, we already know that Wayne has little tolerance for this level of buffoonery, and brought his set to a grinding halt.

"Where I'm from...we don't throw shit on stage," says Wayne. "Because all my n***s got pistols and they don't know who to shoot at. So if you throw something else, I'ma be more safe and I'ma be the bigger person and just leave. Cause I don't want to kill everybody." Suffice it to say, Wayne's temper goes from zero to one hundred pretty fast. Though not explosive in nature, Weezy's threats are chilling nonetheless, especially given the recent shooting in Las Vegas. 

Check out the footage below, courtesy of AU Dollars.