Generation Now rapper Jack Harlow is on the come up. The Louisville, Kentucky rapper has been making waves, especially with the recent success of his single "What's Poppin." The track has become a fan favorite, particularly as it has become the soundtrack to quite a few TikTok viral videos, and earlier this week, Jack Harlow delivered the remix to his hit song. The updated version included verses from Weezy, DaBaby, and Tory Lanez, so it was only fitting that Harlow was a guest on this week's episode of Young Money Radio.

Jack Harlow, Lil Wayne, Young Money Radio
Carmen Mandato / Stringer / Getty Images

After chopping it up for a bit, Wayne wanted to know who Jack Harlow looked up to in the rap game. After naming Weezy, Andre 3000, and Drake as influences, Jack Harlow couldn't pass up the moment and decided to ask Lil Wayne who he thought had the best verse on the "What's Poppin (Remix)."

"I ain't gon' front, Tory went crazy," Lil Wayne said. Harlow agreed. Wayne continued, "I don't wanna say I had any expectations, but I guess, I know Tory. I know the look he be wanting and I know sometimes he don't get that look from everybody. He don't get that ear from everybody. So when he get a good look and he get a good ear, I love that for him."

Harlow chimed in, "Yeah, his verse was hard. Did you, um, did you hear my verse? It was the first one." Lil Wayne just replied, "Mmhmm." It's clear that Weezy wasn't catching on, so Jack Harlow continued, "You sure about Tory being the best one?" Wayne couldn't help but laugh. "I'm giving the man props!" he said. Have you heard "What's Poppin (Remix)"? Who you think had the best verse?