Lil Wayne has kept himself busy in 2013. A sensationalized health scare, a colorful rant against the Miami Heat, a high-profile lyrics controversy and a new album, are just a few of the things we've seen come out of Wayne's world this year, and he spoke about a few of them in his recent TV interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Wayne first clarified a few things regarding the TMZ-fueled seizure scare from a few months back. "I'm Great" he said in regards to his health, "What happened is that I had a few seizures. The one that was very serious was the one that I think everyone was worrying about," he explained, adding that the incident only became dangerous because it wasn't handled as quickly as it should have been. "That one was serious because I was upstairs and my homies were downstairs, and they didn't even know I was up their seizing."

Weezy said that after such an event he's now taking better precautions in preparing those around him for future seizures. "I'm taking those steps and a whole bunch of other steps to make sure everything's perfect." he said.

"It's just a private medical matter that I've been dealing with my whole life," supporting his earlier statement that he has been epilecptic for some time. "We're used to it happening so my doctors prepped all my homies. I have a great doctor"

Tunechi then touched on the subject of his retirement, revealing that he will go ahead with plans to retire after the fifth edition of his Carter series. "I want to retire after the Carter V, which I hope would be my last album," though he clarified that their will still be a few projects to complete before his finale. "My next album isn't the Carter V because I think I have to work on other albums as well with my pop, Birdman as well." he said, hinting at a project with his father figure, which is likely either the much talked about Like Father, Like Son 2, or a new Big Tymers album.

The N.O. rapper was excited about the concept of retiring, and explained what he would do after rap. "Everything that I've never had a chance to do," he said, elaborating that he would like the chance to do "regular stuff," such as "spend[ing] quality time with my kids."

Wayne also talked a bit about his skateboarding hobby, clarifying that he's "not an expert skater". "I was watching this show called Camp Woodward," Weezy said of the first time he took interest in the passtime, "This little kid was on there. His name was Alex Middler. He was just ripping". The rapper revealed that watching a kid skateboard gave him a better sense of how fun skateboarding could be, outside of the technical aspects. "When anything looks fun to me I think I can do it" he declared.

Watch the full interview below.