Lil Wayne has received a lot of flack for picking up his new hobby of skateboarding, however, he doesn't care what his skateboarding haters have to say about his new-found love.

While talking to MTV News, Weezy says he's going to continue to pursue his passion of skateboarding, and admits he just "wants to be vital in the [skate] world," although that same skate world is making it hard for him to get in. One particularly passionate group of skaterboarders against Wayne is the "Fuck Weezy Campaign," but, as Weezy's new single says, he ain't got no worries.

"There is this skater crew called- I don’t know why I’m giving them love, but it’s called the ‘FWC.’ It’s called the ‘Fuck Weezy Campaign’ and it’s a whole bunch of skaters that’s just like, 'we don’t like the fact that Wayne skates period.' Like 'stick to doing what you do, don’t join our world, we don’t want you here,' that type of thing." Nonetheless, these haters don't mind using Lil Wayne's skatepark,  "I guess to them I’m only good for spending my money opening skate parks for them to come rip up. I have no problem with it. I probably skate better than all of them," he added.

Weezy also pointed out the hypocrisy, as Tyler, the Creator, is a skater-turned-rapper, but no one is bothered about that."I ain’t tripping. But I don’t be knocking anybody coming into the music game. I don’t be getting on records saying ‘man, stick to doing what you was doing. You know what I mean, stick to skateboarding man. Don’t come here Tyler, I’ll jump on your record."

Weezy F is currently prepping his album I Am Not A Human Being II.