Lil Wayne had the same lawyer for over 13 years up until September 2018. However, it seems the reason why Wayne gave his ex-lawyer the boot is due to some hefty fees that reportedly amount to $20M. Now, Wayne is taking his former attorney to court.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

According to TMZ, Lil Wayne filed a $20M lawsuit against his former attorney who represented him from 2005 to September 2018. The rapper said that the lawsuit is based on the fact that he's been overcharged while working with Sweeney for 13 years. In documents obtained by the publication, Wayne claimed Sweeney's been charging him 10% of every deal he's closed. The issue with this is that Sweeney allegedly didn't disclose that the industry standard is half of that. Wayne said that Sweeney made $20M off of him alone based on the outrageous cut he took. 

Sweeney got a little money hungry throughout his dealings with Wayne, according to court documents. Sweeney reportedly proposed to receive an additional 10% of all profits from Young Money but Lil Wayne said that he shut that down very quickly.

Wayne claimed that Sweeney even hired another law firm to help in the litigation between Wayne and Cash Money over Tha Carter V deal. Weezy said that the firm received 23% of the Cash Money settlement and an additional 15% of the settlement money from the Universal Music Group settlement. Weezy claimed that those numbers were on top of the Sweeney's 10%.