Lil Wayne had a blast at his annual Lil Weezyana Fest this weekend, showing out for his squad and buying several handfuls of chains for his team. The living legend took a trip to famed celebrity jeweller Eliantte, who ices out all of your favourite rappers. With the shop's track record, you know you're getting quality every time you stop by so it shouldn't come as a surprise to anybody that Tunechi's trip to the jewellery store was an expensive one.

Just days after he showed off the collection of Young Money chains and pendants, Eliantte uploaded a new video to display another piece that Weezy walked off with. Commissioning him to create a custom ring, Wayne wanted something that you don't see every day. He wants his jewellery to be multi-functional. The chain needs to be cool enough for the summer and his rings must serve different uses. The new double-sided three-finger ring that Lil Wayne copped is undeniably dope. It also holds a special place in the rapper's heart. On one side of the flashy addition to his collection, it reads "Hi Mom." When you flip the ring over, the text turns into "Cita," which is Weezy's mom's nickname.

This might not be the end of Wayne's jewellery haul. He seems to be having fun inside the shop and may have copped even more during his recent trip. What do you think of this piece?