Lil Wayne's new memoir about his time spent in prison, "Gone Til November," hit bookstores and online retailers this past week. If you haven't yet scooped up the book, chances are you've seen excerpts from it, or at least, you've scrolled past a headline or two. Among those headlines, there was a story about Drake sleeping with Weezy F's girl while he was locked up.

Wayne has been doing some press surrounding the book release, and in a new short video clip from a recent interview, the rapper speaks on the incident involving Drake and his girl. At first he's all jokes, alleging he doesn't even remember what the host is talking about, despite several previous interviews asking the same question.

"Please, anybody that know me real well, when you see this, please tweet it and vouch for me-- I have a very, very, very terrible memory. I swear to God, I don't know what y'all talking about. I just did three, four interviews and I just kept it moving, like, yeah, Drake, yeah," Wayne starts.

After he confesses, "Oh, I wasn't worried about that. That's just how life go when you locked up." He adds, "she still be texting me and stuff. Stop texting me too, for real."

Check it out below.