Lil Wayne is one of the most beloved figures in Hip-Hop, but over the last few years, he has also increasingly become one of the genre's most polarizing artists as well. From rubbing elbows with former President Donald Trump to recently working with the disgraced Tory Lanez, many people have become wary of Wayne's antics, but others, like Lil Boosie, think that the Funeral artist has simply been making major chess moves.

That remains to be seen, however, in regards to a recent branded tweet that Lil Wayne sent out on behalf of Burger King. Earlier this morning at 11 am sharp, the legendary emcee unleashed what could possibly be one of the most lackadaisical branded tweets of all time. Just in case he ends up scrapping it and going back to the drawing board, here is a screengrab.

Screenshot of Lil Wayne's Burger King Tweet

According to Uproxx, Lil Wayne fulfilled his contractual obligation with Burger King by simply tweeting, "Sourdough @BurgerKing #AD."

While Burger King's Sourdough King sandwich is not a completely new menu item, it is making its return to Burger King in a variety of iterations starting on April 19. Hopefully, Lil Wayne's tweet will get the masses excited for the fast-food giant's highly-anticipated sandwich.

Do you think that this is another case of Lil Wayne just being Lil Wayne or do you think he planned to finesse Burger King?