Not only is the legendary Lil Wayne a commercial force to this day, but his older music continues to keep fans coming back. So much so that he's easily one of the game's most popular artists, boasting more RIAA certification plaques than the average rapper could only dream of. With a total of sixty-two gold and platinum certifications to his name, it's clear that Weezy's commercial appeal is only getting stronger.

Lil Wayne

 Ethan Miller/Getty Images 

A few days ago, the RIAA officially certified thirty new Lil Wayne songs and albums, nearly doubling the rapper's stash in one fell swoop. From the look of it, many of this recent batch reached back to some of his older albums, with songs like "Go DJ," "Blunt Blowin," "Prom Queen," "3 Peat," "6 Foot 7 Foot," his most popular song of all time "Lollipop" (currently 8x platinum) and many more going platinum once again.

In the wake of Tha Carter V's Deluxe Versionmany clearly turned to some of Wayne's older material in celebration of his greatness.  As such, I Am Not A Human Being has gone platinum, Rebirth has gone platinum, Tha Carter II has gone 2x platinum, Tha Carter has gone platinum, I Am Not A Human Being II has gone 2x platinum, Tha Carter IV has gone 5x platinum, and Tha Carter III has gone 6x platinum. 

Check out the insane haul over at the RIAA website here, and be sure to show some love to Lil Wayne, who is steadily amassing the numbers worthy of a bonafide best rapper alive contender. Provided, of course, you place value in the whole sales discussion and all.