Lil Wayne make come across as 1-dimensional rapper, but it turns out the rapper's sole focus isn't just his music (and skateboarding for that matter), he's done his research when it comes to politics. Although Lil Wayne can't vote, he says he's researched the candidates to find out who they are as people. 

Weezy says he is following the election while talking to MTV News, but because he can't actually vote, he says he's not leaning one way or the other.  "Following it? Yes, I am... Leaning one way? No, I'm not," Wayne said, "I'm not leaning towards no one only because I can't. I can't vote. Unfortunately, I'm an ex-con."

Wayne continues to explain how he's researched both opponents, "I did follow it, I am paying attention to it and you know for me following it meaning I kinda did my research on who both of these people were and not really about what they're talking about or what they're politicking about... but just to figure out who these people are," he said.

As that's all he can do in his position, he's just hoping America votes for the right candidate. "That's all I can do from a personal standpoint," he said. "I can't vote, so all I can do is figure out who these people are and whoever you guys choose at least I know a little bit about them."