Lil Wayne is not known for his punctuality. While the rapper has always blessed his fans with an overwhelming amount of material, his albums have often suffered delays (though to be fair, they were often out of his control). With that kind of history, the announcement that Carter V would be arriving May 5th was taken with a grain of salt, and naturally, the date went by with no sign of the album.

In a new interview with MTV, Wayne was still unsure of an exact release date, but ensured that the album was complete. "I think it drops in like September or August, I don't know. It might drop before that in July, I don't know," he said, before stressing, "I'm finished".

Wayne then asked someone off screen when the record was dropping, who offered the dates August 25th and August 29th. Far from official, but that's as close as we've got to a release date for now.

Weezy later spoke on the compilation of outtakes that's set to drop as Da Other Album later this year, revealing it would drop "2 months" after C5. "If Tha Carter was to drop in August, It would be October," he shared.

Watch the full interview below.