Lil Wayne is an absolute freestyle king. The man can hop into the booth at any time of the day and escape with some quotable bars and a fire verse. Taking after him was Juice WRLD, who showed his off-the-dome skills every time he visited a radio interview. The late Chicago star passed away earlier this month and we're all still feeling shook from his sudden death. One of the most impressive qualities about the late 21-year-old was his ability to freestyle melodies and memorable lyrics without giving the task much thought. Over the weekend, Lil Wayne remembered Juice WRLD in his skateboarding compound, saying a little prayer and rolling up some loud.

Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

Taking a video of himself preparing a fat blunt, Tunechi listened to "Fine China" on blast, the most popular collaboration between Juice WRLD and Future from their combined project. Before big Future's verse began, Wayne took a moment to motion a cross over his chest, saying "Rest In Peace Juice" and remembering the late rapper. He then hopped on his skateboard and shred the pain away while puffing on his freshly-prepared blunt.

Many believe that Juice WRLD could have eventually improved to become one of the living legends in the rap game. His freestyle ability and unique skill with crafting memorable hooks gave him a special edge and, unfortunately, we'll never be able to see if he can push to that next level. Rest in peace, Juice.