After the engineer Mike B. held a listening session for the the (rumored to be last) release from the prolific Lil Wayne, Tha Carter V. During the event, one of the attendees snapped a photo of the tracklisting and sent it to Rap-Up with some further details.

From what we can tell from the photo, which can be seen in the gallery, the album is going to be more star-studded than usual per the Carter series with a wide range of features including Drake, Kanye West, Future, J. Cole, Nas, The Weeknd, Meek Mill, and The Game. 

Surprisingly the album appears to only be twelve racks long. Considering the album isn't due until May, we won't be surprised if we see more tracks cropping up (and maybe some will disappear). The authenticity of the tracklisting leak is difficult to determine, but what do you think? Is this (at least in some stage) real?

The person who snapped the photo had this to say:

"Wayne really pulls out all the stops for his final album. The features are on point."

Perhaps that could be true regardless. 


[Update: Tracklist Confirmed Fake]

The hilariously Future-heavy Carter V tracklist that's making Twitter circulation has been confirmed fake. XXL has reached out to Cash Money, who've since stated that the tracklist is fraudulent, while Cash Money CEO Mack Maine cleared things up on Twitter.

A few alternatives have also been floating around. No word on whether there's any validity to them.

For real though, 'No Answers Feat. Kanye West' should have been a pretty good tip off.