Lil Wayne recently suffered two medical emergencies in the span of 48 hours, both requiring him to re-direct his flight and head to a local hospital.

While it was originally thought he suffered "seizure-like" symptoms, it turns out he was suffering from a severe migraine and dehydration both times. 

Now TMZ reports that because of these two incidents, Wayne could be jeopardizing a lawsuit he's involved in. The lawsuit is over Quincy Jones III's documentary about Weezy F, which he says is a "scandalous portrayal" of himself. 

He was scheduled to testify on Friday for the trial, however, a source close to the rapper says that the judge was informed before noon on Thursday that the YMCMB rapper had suffered a seizure out of state, and was going to the hospital. Thus, there would be no testifying on Friday.

Although Wayne would usually testify on Monday in this case, because of his medical emergency, it is unlikely the rapper will be ready to testify for a significant period of time and here's where the dilemma comes in.

Because the case is being heard by a jury, it is unlikely the judge will grant a continuance as this will disrupt the lives of the jurors. The two other options would be to declare it a mistrial or force Wayne's side to present the case without the rapper present.

Lawyers for Weezy will update the judge on Monday on Wayne's status.

We'll keep you updated as the story unfolds.