Lil Wayne's entourage is being accused of attacking a photographer.

According to a police report filed in Miami last week, Weezy's entourage spat in the photographer's face, pushed him to the ground, and then beat up his bicycle.

The photographer saw Wayne and his crew skating near-by a church, where there was a "No Skateboarding" sign, so he decided to snap a few flicks of them. Once it started raining, they headed to their car, and the photographer decided to follow the group there. 

Weezy wasn't happy about this, and so he ordered his crew to take the man's camera. After which, eight men surrounded the photographer and intimidated him into deleting some of his photos.

However, that's not all. Wayne's crew continued to harrass the photographer, one spitting on him and another pushing him to the ground. The man also says that they beat up his bike with a skateboard. Once the photographer was able to escape, he headed to the Miami Beach Police Station to file a report.