Looks like the patience of fans of Lil Wayne is going to be tested again, as it seems Weezy's much-hyped Dedication 4 mixtape will not be released today as scheduled.

There has been no official statement, but the tape does not appear to be ready for release today.  Last night DJ Drama responded to a fan on Twitter who asked if it was worth staying up all night to wait for Dedication 4 to drop with "nah, ya'll get some rest...lol".  Now #BlameDJDrama is trending on Twitter and Drama is retweeting lots of fans using that hashtag and has not said anything to deflect that D4 has been delayed again. 

The tape was pushed back on August 15th when Mack Maine made the announcement on Twitter.  Then Weezy released a viral video to fans explaining why the tape was pushed back, saying he did not want to steal the limelight from 2 Chainz album release.  Later, he did admit that Dedication 4 was not ready for release.  

Soon after he took to Twitter with a simple tweet "D4-aug30", but seems fans will have to wait even longer. The tape could be delayed to clear samples as rappers are being extra careful about that with the recent slew of copyright lawsuts, or Carter could just be too busy skateboarding.  For now, fans should try to quell their excitement about any announcement until the mixtape is finally released. 

UPDATE: Dedication4.com reports that the new release date for Dedication 4 is September 3rd... Stay tuned! (via Ddotomen)