YMCMB is know for being a kittle more liberal in its signings than other labels, most recently giving deals to Limp Bizkit and Paris Hilton among others. Another questionable signee in the Young Money roster is Lil Wayne's own 14 year old daughter, Reginae Carter. 

On top of plans to release music for the label Reginae is also an aspiring author, teaming up with Birdman's daughter (don't even want to get into what her relation to Wayne is) for a new young adult novel, titled "Paparazzi Princesses". The girls have explained that the book will follow two teens who find themselves “unintentionally famous,” and have written the novel "by themselves" according to Wayne.

"I've got to be honest. It's inspiring to see what these girls have done,” said Weezy in a statement. “It wasn't easy, and they did it all by themselves. 'Proud' doesn't even begin to describe how me and the 'Birdman' feel. I can't wait for everybody else to experience their story."

Let it be said that Wayne couldn't remember the title of the book in his most recent interview with Jimmy Kimmel.

Outside of the novel hitting shelves June 4th, Reginae has brought her vocal skills out for the new track from her duo Nae & Lotitled “Daddy’s Little Girl.” 

Listen to the track below.