Last night, Toronto's Jazz Cartier dropped off his first single since his excellent February album Hotel Paranoia. He titled the track "Lil Wayne," released as a tribute to the New Orleans rapper. Produced by Cartier's go-to guy, Lantz, it's also a fiery anthem that channels the street-bred adrenaline of peak-era Weezy. Upon hearing "Lil Wayne," one would think that it's quality was such that Tunechi would approve. Indeed -- not only does he approve of the tribute track; it happens to be his "new favorite song." 

Wayne tweeted his appreciation for the song that's named for him earlier this evening, shouting out both Cartier and Lantz. "I f'n luh dat shit!" he exclaimed. "Preshiate it!!" He described the song as being "Funny as fk but dope." 

Upon receiving Wayne's blessing, Cartier himself was overjoyed, hopping on Twitter and responding, "WOW THANK YOU!" Wayne's support is a reminder that he's always held it down for Toronto. It's great to see the love exchanged between the legends and those who hope to be legends themselves one day. Listen to "Lil Wayne" here