There was a time when Young Money, as a collective, had a major influence on hip hop's landscape. When Drake and Nicki Minaj were just starting to blossom into their careers, Weezy's Young Money imprint was the label that nurtured them into being the superstars they are today. Sadly, it seems that Lil Wayne want to shut down shop.

Lil Wayne is allegedly trying to take the Young Money imprint off of Cash Money, according to reports from The Blast. The feud he's been having with Birdman seems to have trickled down to his own imprint. The report says that Lil Wayne is sick of Birdman cashing in on his hard work and either wants the music label to be dealt with properly or dissolved from the Cash Money imprint. Wayne reportedly said he feels he's brought an enormous amount of talent to the company, especially with Drake and Nicki Minaj, but says he was bamboozled by Birdman.

In documents that Wayne allegedly filed, he's asking the court to "appoint a receiver to supervise the operations of Young Money Label joint venture or order the termination of Young Money Label joint venture and appoint a liquidator." 

It would be the end of an era if Young Money ends up terminated as a company. It initially started as a joint venture between Wayne and Cash Money back in 2003.

Wayne's original beef with Birdman and Cash Money Records stems back to 2014 when Wayne said that Cash Money is refusing to release Tha Carter V and that Wayne has yet to receive his $8 million dollar advance from Birdman.

Despite Wayne's claims, Birdman continues to deny that he or Wayne have any issues. A few weeks prior, Birdman went on an epic rant on his Instagram story where he said that he's taken care of Wayne regardless of what the media or others are saying.

"Bitch, you think I ain't gonna make sure he straight? Suck a n**a dick, bitch. I'm gonna show all you pussy ni**as that got in my business, fuck you ni**a," he said.

The beef between father and son doesn't look like it'll come to a halt anytime soon.