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Lil Wayne Reportedly Attempted To Prevent Anti Black Lives Matter Rant From Airing

  Nov 04, 2016 09:16
Lil Wayne's camp reportedly tried to stop ABC's Nightline from airing his interview.

Lil Wayne found himself in hot water earlier this week, when an interview with ABC's Nightline had him slandering the Black Lives Matter movement, with ignorant comments like, "my life matter, especially to my bitches." He went on to allege he felt no connection with the movement-- “I don’t feel connected to a damn thing that ain’t got nothin’ to do with me."

Since his comments with viral (and backlash followed), Wayne issued an apology, explaining that the interviewer's question about his daughter agitated him, resulting in his unthoughtful responses to her Black Lives Matter questions that followed in succession.

Still, it appears as though Weezy's camp had enough sense to make an attempt to stop the interview from airing entirely-- although, obviously, to no avail. TMZ reports that Wayne's team reached out to ABC multiple times after the interview, in light of Wayne's insensitive comments, however ABC reportedly never responded. Wayne's camp claims the question about the rapper's daughter was not pre-approved, and thus that's where interviewer Linsey Davis crossed the line. ABC fires back that none of the questions were pre-approved, "when it came to the questions and the topics of the interview nothing was off limits."

Wayne reportedly fired his publicists after the interview aired because he was so upset. 

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top comment
kid 1da
- Nov 4, 2016

Idk why people make it a big FCKN deal everything he said is nothing but the truth!!!!

Black Brain
- Nov 5, 2016

Honestly fuck the BLM movement they're so bias with their bs saying black lives matters but what do they do for black lives outside of America like Haiti? You can't say black lives matter only in america

Jamar Wilkes
- Nov 6, 2016

Wtf are you talking about....We can't even get out shot straight here before someone who probably doing nothing for anyone criticized someone for having a cause...smh Do your research and know what are speaking before making senseless rant.. you're not better than Wayne's for this level of ignorance

- Nov 7, 2016

ppl in Haiti aren't African-American, they're Haitian.

- Nov 5, 2016

He was prolly high af

- Nov 5, 2016

Silly rapper... Its obvious not every rich person is wise...

- Nov 5, 2016

wheres that fuccboi @tunechigotthatsack at now lol.. bitch ass nigga

- Nov 4, 2016

What a coon. He even showed support for BLM before this interview to so this makes no sense. Weezy is lost..

- Nov 4, 2016

How the fuck is that "anti-rant" tho? Is he against it? He just said he doesn't care or whatever.

- Nov 4, 2016

Nigga got caught Buck dancing. Wayne has always hated his Blackness. I'm surprised he hasn't started Bleaching.

- Nov 4, 2016

Who cares?

- Nov 4, 2016

lil wayne is a coon. fuck him and his trash music

- Nov 4, 2016

Why do People cat so much from a guy who raps about killing other niggas?

If you all were smart, you will know that Wayne's manager called in to see if they can remove the "im a gangbanger" side of the interview. That shit was so gangster! Never on a national tv has that been done, ever! Also may I add that All lives matters. Now lets mive to more important thins like Dedication 6! D6 dropping December 6!

Is that a thing nigga?

Demontra Eave
- Nov 4, 2016

I'm on wayne side of this after reading the details(sources said he was asked questions about his daughter being labeled a hoe and bitch and the interview was edited to make it look like he was smiling.

- Nov 4, 2016

Can't lie weezy took an L with this one. It's not even about the topic OF BLM he just sounded stupid all around and childish

Pooki Knows
- Nov 4, 2016

Naw he sounded fed up with their bullshit questions, ABC took an L but they can spin it so it looks like they were doing no wrong. They cut off the end of the video.

Voice of Reason
- Nov 4, 2016

This is weezy’s own fault, he is famous enough and smart enough to know better…I still feel bad for him tho, he looks like shit and I know he is going through a lot…I wish him the best

real rap judge
- Nov 4, 2016

Where's T.I now?

- Nov 4, 2016

lol wayne corny. this nigga doesnt know shit. fired his publicist because he put his foot in his mouth and somehow ppl thinks thats worthy of praise. lol

One Salty Nigga
- Nov 4, 2016

Lmao ppL act like Weezy has been a perfect role model before this, he is a RAPPER. it is literally his job to say offensive things. this the same nigga who said if he died and went to Hell he'd take over the motherfucker. this the same nigga who said if it came down to it he would kill a nigga's newborn baby over a beef Lmao

Grape Swishers
- Nov 4, 2016

A Latino guy was killed by a white officers yesterday but no one cares , you know why? Because he wasn't black. Black people only care when a black is killed by someone white but is silent when another black kills their own kind. Why aren't we asking for justice for that man? All white cops aren't after black people

One Salty Nigga
- Nov 4, 2016

Well duh fuck them spics, you faggot beaner

- Nov 4, 2016

@One Salty Nigga youre exactly whats wrong with this whole lives matter shit. Fucking dumb ass.

Are these home baked?
- Nov 4, 2016

Be about it Wayne, you have a voice, if people don't like it it's because they haven't lived the same life as you.

The Rock Says
- Nov 4, 2016

Top comment = white guy... lmao

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