Lil Wayne spent eight months locked up on Rikers Island in 2010. His new memoir "Gone Til November," a chronicle of his experiences in jail, is now available to purchase.

Excerpts from the book have been quite promising. Lil Wayne speaks on everything from visits from high-profile visits to rapping in the jailyard to toilet conditions to the value of Gatorade. "Gatorade is liquid gold in this bitch," he writes. "Imagine seeing grown-ass men in jail hanging tissue for wedding decorations. AND one of them is Lil Wayne. Crazy.” 

 Order "Gone Til November" now via Penguin Books.

Also of note: Prodigy just released his prison cookbook "Commissary Kitchen," based on his experiences assembling meals during a three-and-a-half year stint in jail from 2007 to 2011.