Lil Wayne's been in and out of court over the past few years. While some of his legal battles have been settled, he's still in court arguing others. The rapper filed a lawsuit against his former lawyer, Ronald Sweeney, for overcharging him and even practicing law while his law license was suspended at one point. The two returned to court earlier today where they continue to duke it out. After Sweeney claimed the lawsuit was simply an attempt to avoid paying him, Weezy pointed at a recent high-profile case to argue the case.

Mark Brown/Getty Images

According to The Blast, Lil Wayne pointed at a recent win in Johnny Depp's lawsuit against the actor's former lawyers to convince the judge to allow his case against Sweeney to move forward. Depp's also in a legal battle with his former attorneys. He recently secured a win after a judge ruled that his lawyer's oral contract was invalid in court. Wayne used this as an example as to why the case shouldn't be thrown out.

"Sweeney is pursuing Plaintiff for millions of dollars in additional fees under the voided agreement. But that pursuit is doomed," Wayne's motion read. "California court, in a factually similar and widely-publicized dispute between Johnny Depp and the law firm that represented him since 1999 under an oral contingency fee agreement, has already ruled that once the oral agreement is voided, the attorney’s claim is limited to a reasonable fee under quantum meruit. The court did not find that Depp’s claims expired because he waited too long, which Defendants argue here."

The judge has yet to making a ruling but Weezy is hopeful that it'll play out in his favor.