Lil Wayne caused a stir in late 2018 when he chose Kobe Bryant over Michael Jackson and said that he'd sleep with Nicki Minaj over Rihanna. Following the launch of "The Bumbu Room," Weezy returns with episode two where he discusses his preference of cars, his love for Michael Jackson, and the country with the best strippers.

Jerritt Clark/Getty Images 

Lil Wayne doesn't need to think twice if you ever ask him who he prefers more: Michael Jackson or Prince. The "Uproar" rapper explained how his grandmother Mercedes would allow him to rock her wigs while he donned a white sock on his hand, pretending to be the King Of Pop.

"I'm a Michael Jackson kind of guy, man," Wayne side while lighting his blunt. "I dressed up as Michael when I was a kid, "I threw a sock on one hand and pretended it was a glove."

"[My grandmother] would let me put on her wigs and I would just come up front with that one sock and that wig on and we about to Michael Jackson this whole night on," he added.

Weezy also discussed his preferences of luxury vehicles between Beamers, Benz' or Bentleys. The rapper stated that Benz was his first pick just because of his grandmother's name. He explained how Baby bought him a BMW Z3 after he just got himself a droptop Benz. Overall, Bentley sits in last place for Wayne simply because the first one he got shut down on him at the daquiri shop. 

Peep episode two of "The Bumbu Room" with Lil Wayne below.