Is Lil Wayne about to pull a page out of Beyonce’s book? Possibly. According to Mel Smith & The Griffin, Weezy is going to surprise his fans with the release of Carter V with either very little or no notice at all.

Back on October 18th, Mel Smith, Senior VP of promotions at Young Money tweeted out that they were about to drop a new single off Lil Wayne’s highly anticipated Carter V album. Well, as we still wait on that single, Drake decided to get many people excited again the other night by tweeting just the album’s title, Carter V, and leaving everyone guessing what it meant.

With information still unknown, The Griffin decided to speak with the Senior VP at Young Money and try to find out something. In the new article, Mel Smith talked about that strategy behind releasing Wayne's next album. He stated it's very close to dropping, but he couldn't mention the release date, because he wants to surprise people.

“We’re very close to dropping the album. It’s going to be a huge surprise to everyone, it’s an incredible album … I can’t release the date because he wants to surprise people, he wants his true fan base to get excited but he’s worked extremely hard on it and you won’t be disappointed.” -Mel Smith

While Mel was careful as to not spoil the direction of the album. He did mention that the album is not the recent IANAHB pop sound that we’ve heard, but more of that old Wayne bringing it back to the New Orleans feel. Mel added,

“He’s one of the artists like Prince who just continues to record”. “He does it for the love of the art, for the record, he continues to work hard to top himself, like when he does the ‘I Am Not A Human Being’ records that he’s, which are a little more rock and roll tangent, a little more pop tangent while “Tha Carter V” is a little more Lil Wayne getting it to you straight from New Orleans. That’s the thing about Wayne, when we put out the last “Carter,” we put it out and sold almost 1,000,000 records in one week. The day we put it out, he was still in the studio recording, verybody who’s heard it feels the same way, the general excitement of something big coming,” he said. “You’re just generally excited for when the world hears it.”

Smith didn't talk about the album being Wayne's last, but he did say Weezy will “absolutely” be going on tour this summer and fall.

Who would you like to see featured on Carter V