It's no secret that Lil Wayne is well-loved over at ESPN. Not only has Weezy been the designated go-to artist for providing theme songs for various ESPN shows, he's also been asked to come on and offered his own sports takes. Weezy has also developed a close personal friendship with ESPN host, Skip Bayless, and has managed to maintain a good relationship with everyone over at the network for many years. Weezy's latest collaboration with the Sports network appears to be in the form of a commercial for ESPN, in which he will debut a brand new, never-before-heard song.

A video from the set of the commercial shows a camera crew filming Weezy as he dances around on stage in front of a small crowd, while the band in the background goes to town on their instruments. Wayne hypes up the musicians, which include a saxophone player and a trombone player, before the video cuts to a clip of him rapping an unreleased track. Just from this brief snippet, the song already sounds fire, and we can't wait for the full version of Wayne's genius to be bestowed upon us.

It's a relief that Wayne has been spotted working on a new project, considering the unfortunate circumstances he was in recently. Roughly two weeks, Wayne was involved in a frightening incident in which he was a passenger on a private jet that was searched by the police in Miami. While the whole ordeal made many people anxious about what the outcome would be, Wayne informed his fans that he was fine and that the whole situation was just a big misunderstanding. While there were reports that drugs and weapons were found in Wayne's bag, the story has not been confirmed by his reps, and Mack Maine, the president of Wayne's company, Young Money Entertainment, asked that everyone "STOP running these bogus ass stories without all the facts."