A complaint many rappers have had about Cash Money is that they don't see many of their royalty checks. We know Lil Wayne isn't exactly thrilled with the label these days, and while he's yet to work out his issues with Birdman, he's taking things into his own hands when it comes to getting what's owed him.

It's being reported that Weezy is partnering with Kobalt Neighbouring Rights, a company that collects the royalties of tha artists it represents, which include the likes of Kid Cudi, Sam Smith, Busta Rhymes, Ariana GrandeBruno Mars, Noah “40” Shebib and DJ Premier.

As far as how Kobalt collects royalties for its clients, the company describes its services on its website.

Kobalt’s powerful tracking system compares collection against detailed in-house expectations to ensure all income is correctly accounted. Kobalt develops these detailed expectations from 3rd party performance data, Territory expectations from Kobalt’s pre-distribution health check, as well as from the client’s income data. Combining these three data sources allows us to monitor collection and ensures all income is received.

Wayne is still suing his label for tens of millions of dollars, but this new deal should ensure he doesn't lose any money in the meantime. He's said to be releasing the FWA (Free Weezy Album) later this year.