If you've been following Lil Wayne's career, especially in recent years, you may have heard the word "pussy" come up more than once. It's undoubtedly one of the rapper's favorite topics, and he's gotten some flack for it as a result.

In the second part of his interview with Elliott Wilson, the conversation gravitated towards sports, but Wilson did get a chance to ask him about his particular fixation with the female anatomy. 

"What you want me to talk about, the world?," asked, in response to why there was so much "pussy talk" in his raps.

The discussion then progressed into his views on responsibility as an entertainer. "I ain't no god damn professor. That ain't what I set out to do," he explained. "Ya'll got to remember, I started doing this shit at 8, man. At 8, I ain't trying to tell you what's right from wrong in my raps. And I'm still not trying to tell you what's right from wrong. That's not my job. I'm a musician."

Watch the full interview below.