While Lil Wayne did spend a fair amount of time dabbling in "rock music," with the divisive Rebirth culminating as the fruits of his labors, many felt that Weezy was better suited sticking to hip-hop. Still, it cannot be argued that the man has music in his soul; perhaps his aura is so strong that even American Music Award judges tuned in on a subconscious level. It might be the only reasonable explanation for the latest snafu, which led to Weezy collecting four awards he had absolutely nothing to do with.

According to TMZ, who cite "sources close to the blunder," Lil Wayne recently walked away from the American Music Awards with a staggering five trophies. The  problem is, he only earned one of them. The other four were meant for country band Little Big Town, but were somehow sent to Wayne instead. Weezy also happened to receive his own trophy for his efforts on DJ Khaled's "I'm The One." 

Apparently, Little Big Town's rightful trophies are still in Weezy's possession, as neither the rapper nor his Young Money camp remain unsure on how to reach the band or their team; in truth, a simple DM-slide might be sufficient. Perhaps the whole mixup will spark a creative change in Weezy, leading him to brush the dust off his guitar and get to howlin' about whiskey, pickup trucks, and red plastic cups.