Lil Wayne’s manager, Cortez Bryant, recently revealed that a potential merger with powerhouse management firm Hip-Hop Since 1978 is on the horizon.

During an interview with, Bryant said his own Bryant Management and HHS1978, which recently added Nicki Minaj to its impressive roster, are just shy of “making [their joint venture] official on paper.”

It comes to no surprise that the two have plans of becoming one corporation, especially since they’ve collaborated so much in the past; Bryant and HHS1978′s co-founder Gee Roberson have co-managed Drake for the past couple of years, and, as mentioned above, Young Money’s Minaj has also joined the A-team (Bryant is the Chief Visionary Officer of Young Money Entertainment ).

Additionally, Bryant says Roberson has always been a helping hand in terms of Lil Wayne, especially since Roberson had experience managing a major artist in Kanye West until recently.

“We realize that while there are benefits to having our own boutique management firms that allows each of us to be hands on with our artists, [merging] will allow us to be more powerful and efficient in growing our business model,” added Bryant.