It’s been a rough couple weeks for Lil Wayne, as he was hospitalized twice for “seizure like symptoms”, and has been prohibited from flying by doctors.  This caused Tunechi to miss his appearance in his court case against Quincy Jones III for “The Carter” documentary, which Weezy had sued Jones for.  Reports are now surfacing that Wayne has lost the lawsuit, and has also lost the counter-suit and will have to pay Jones over $2 million. 

After doctors had restricted him from flying, Lil Wayne did not show up to the court proceedings, which left his lawyer no choice but to show the infamous deposition footage which has Weezy avoiding questions and, as described by the judge “acting childish”.  Now the ruling is in and Wayne has lost his lawsuit against Quincy Jones III which was for Jones’ “The Carter” documentary which the rapper felt portrayed him in a negative light. 

Things get worse for the Young Money artist, as the judge also ruled against him in Jones’ countersuit for sandbagging the film and thus affecting the marketing and sales of the documentary. 

TMZ reports that Wayne has been ordered to pay $2,195,000 in damages for Jones’ project.  Failing to show in court, and having to air the deposition video definitely did not help his case.