At the end of last year, Lil Wayne rocked an extravagant pair of UGG boots during his performance. The pair in question was part of a collaboration with Y/Project, featuring three foldover layers for maximum comfort. The brand likely didn't have to think too hard about who they wanted to feature as the main model in their collaboration with Bape. Given Weezy's affinity for both labels, it had to have come naturally.

As reported by Complex, Lil Wayne is the face of Bape's new collaboration with UGG. Weezy is excited to take part in the new campaign, telling them, "It’s an honor ’cause Bape is one of the clothing lines that I still remember saving my money to buy. I still remember making sure nobody else I seen in my city got my hoodie. Now, they got me involved with it?"

Tunechi has been into Bape since the early days in his career, becoming inspired by Pharrell. When it comes to UGG boots, he's been rocking the divisive fashion for years. The iconic style carries around the connotation that only women can wear them but Wayne switched that up in an attempt to refresh the brand. It only makes sense that he was UGG and Bape's first choice.

The brands will merge to create three footwear styles, a coat and a pair of mittens. Of course, they all feature the classic camouflage print that has become synonymous with Bape. How do you like the collection? Check out the new line here.