With all the backlash surrounding Gucci's decision to sell a sweater that looked like a depiction of blackface, it's gotten risky to rock the luxury brand. Especially with so many artists voicing their disapproval of Gucci, it may be a good idea to hold off on wearing full-on outfits designed by the house. 50 Cent even went so far as to burn his old Gucci threads. People like Floyd Mayweather have been unbothered by the boycott, spending thousands at one of their physical locations the other day. It looks like Lil Wayne either doesn't know about the controversy or doesn't care because he was rocking a head-to-toe Gucci fit during a Rolling Loud pre-party. 

Rolling Loud hosted a "pre-Roll" party in Miami, celebrating the upcoming fifth anniversary of their festival. While the event will only be going down in May, anticipation is already high after the line-up was announced. After a failed appearance last year (shoutout to the rain), Lil Wayne will be performing during a Saturday headlining spot. At the pre-Roll party, Weezy made a statement by wearing all Gucci, including a blue and orange headband. 

He smoked a blunt while he took a few photos with partiers, wearing oversized heart sunglasses in the club. Are you angry that Wayne is still wearing Gucci or could you care less?