For most of his career, Young Thug has stayed away from the media and interviews. Almost all of what we knew about him was from the music or videos he would put out, and sometimes from random clips that would break the internet

As of late though, Young Thug has started to lean into his superstardom, becoming more and more accessible to his fans. Since releasing So Much Fun in 2019, Young Thug has made a couple of different press stops, to share what he's been working on and why he's stayed out of the limelight. Just a few weeks ago, Young Thug ruffled some feathers with his comments about Andre 3000, on T.I.'s Expeditiously podcast, but it seems as though the incident didn't bother him much because he's back as a guest on the Million Dollars Worth of Game podcast hosted by Gillie Da Kid and Wallo 267. 

In a clip posted by the hosts, Young Thug is asked about his early relationship with Lil Wayne. A lot of us are already aware of the impact that Lil Wayne had on Young Thug's career, but after rumors of problems between the two camps, it is comforting to hear Thug talk about how Lil Wayne inspires him

In the clip below, Young Thug admits that he and Lil Wayne didn't get along early in his career. Young Thug wanted to show love, Wayne seemed to not care, and Thug didn't appreciate it. The comments seem light-hearted now, but still, we can't wait to hear the rest of the story. 

Episode 93 of Million Dollars Worth of Game drops at 10pm.