Everyone is currently geekin' over the release of Lil Wayne's long-awaited fifth installment to Tha Carter series. The rapper spent literal years battling for the project's release and after a lengthy legal dispute with Birdman and Cash Money, it finally arrived at the top of the morning. However, no else can possibly be more excited for the project's drop than Wayne's first-born child, Reginae Carter. 

Reginae Carter recently chopped it up with TMZ about the release of Tha Carter V and the fact that it finally dropped. She explained that despite Wayne's long-standing legal issues with Cash Money over the project's release, he didn't lose hope. Reginae revealed that even though he was going through all that drama with Birdman, he never showed that side of him when he was around his kids.

"One thing about my father, no matter what's going on, he's never going to show it," she explained. "He still provides, he still puts a smile on his face. That's why I respect my father. He never showed us no sense of doubt or no sadness. He had his days but we will never see that. He prayed a lot, he kept his faith and we're here."

Reginae Carter also made an appearance on Tha Carter V for her singing debut. Reginae held down the hook and is credited as a singer on "Famous."

Peep her interview.