Hold the phone. Though it's been reported that Lil Wayne has been hit with not one, but two seizures in the last 24 hours, a rep has told MTV News that the overachieving rapper is recovering well. Years of being prolific haven't worn him down yet, though he has likely seen better days.

On Friday morning, news broke of Wayne's private jet making an emergency landing in Texas the previous night, due to a seizure-like attack. His rep then issued a statement claiming the unofficial diagnosis was highly exaggerated and the cause for the emergency landing was a severe migraine and dehydration.

Later on Friday afternoon, TMZ reported that a Wayne suffered a second seizure and was consequently hospitalized in Louisiana. His crew denies the seizures, saying the rapper is simply suffering from migraines. He is now recovering at his home in Louisiana.

In 2009, the Young Money entertainer canceled a highly anticipated European tour due to a "migraine condition." It's unclear when he will get back to work, but for the time being, a Saturday appearance at the Jefferson Mall in Louisville, Kentucky, promoting his TrukFit clothing line has been postponed. His new upcoming album, I Am Not a Human Being II, which Kanye West had a "big hand in," will be released in December.