Bas and Blac Youngsta represents two very disparate corners of the hip-hop Universe, and yet they can agree on one thing in particular: the cultural relevance of Weezy F Baby. The two men sat next to one another for a "coffee table" discussion with Pete Rosenberg. The conversation wasn't exclusively centered on Lil Wayne, both rappers were given a chance to set themselves apart from their peers, with Blac Youngsta explaining his admittedly goofy adultness.

"I think he legend regardless, no matter what," Youngsta said in the first half of the segment. "Any time you can go five years and they want it, and they come and ask for it over and over, you somebody."

Bas, who was sitting to his right on a leather couch, agreed in principle with much of what was being said. Before echoing the Weezy sentiment, Bas agreed with Blac Youngsta that Cardi B was deserved of her place at the top of the food chain, whilst also giving props to Lauryn Hill paving for paving the way for artists "of his persuasion," more commonly refer to as "emotionally adept music."

Back on the topic of Lil Wayne, Bas agrees that he's earned his living legend status in unspeakable ways. "Look at the kids now, who inspired them more than Wayne," he added rhetorically. The portion of Rosenberg's segment that includes both Bas and Blac Youngsta is viewable below.