Despite the media coverage focusing in on the negatives from this weekend at the Lil Weezyana Fest, the event was fun-filled and brought tons of entertainment to the forefront. Every year, Lil Wayne puts on a spectacular show in his hometown, inviting some of the most iconic artists today to join him on stage and please the masses. Now that the latest edition of the show has come and gone, Wayne isn't entirely sure what to do with himself. Showing appreciation to his entire team, the living legend decided to gift everybody with some cold treats, copping some ice for much of his entourage.

Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images

As evidenced by the photos on celebrity jeweller Eliantte's social pages, Tunechi stopped by to spend some money on several handfuls of new gear for the team. Selecting an assortment of very shiny pendants and chain necklaces, Wayne opted for gold and silver for his bubble-font Young Money medallions. It's unclear who were the lucky recipients of the new jewels but Hip-Hop Lately states that the ice was for members of his team.

Take a look at Wayne's (likely very expensive) purchase below and let us know what you'd do for a Young Money chain. Would you cop one for yourself?