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Lil Wayne Goes In Over Dave East Beat With Cory Gunz & Euro "Let Em All In"

Lil Wayne - Let Em All In Feat. Cory Gunz & Euro

  Dec 26, 2017 12:36
Lil Wayne takes on Dave East's "Phone Jumpin" beat for "Let Em All In" with Cory Gunz and Euro.

Lil Wayne loaded us with freestyles yesterday, thanks to the release of the DJ Drama-hosted Dedication 6 mixtape. The mixtape is packed with some of the beats that defined the past year, including instrumentals from "XO Tour Life" and "Rockstar," which we highlighted yesterday. There's a couple beats on there that might take you by surprise though, such as "Let Em All In" which is a freestyle over Dave East's stand-out Paranoia collaboration with Wiz Khalifa, "Phone Jumpin."


The beat is absolutely sinister, and Wayne brings along YM members Euro and Cory Gunz (the latter of whom we don't hear from often enough) to kickstart things before he closes out the record with the third verse, starting it with "The best things in life are free, not cheap, free C5." No hook necessary.

What's your favorite freestyle off the tape? 

Quotable Lyrics

He gotta be from Earth 2, or somewhere from out on Saturn he is
Now I'm going where no gravity is, some other galaxy shit
But we'd rather talk about the MAC and the bricks
We taking on all names, it ain't no more games
Stand up nigga, Cory Kaepernick bitch
I don't know what to call you
Niggas claimin' they loyal to the soil but boy I'm loyal to the oil that boil

- Cory Gunz

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top comment
Confused Mr. Krabs
- Dec 26, 2017

Euro bodied this shit 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 pure flames.

Georgi Kondev
- Dec 27, 2017

Cory Gunz is amazing, but they all killed it, bruh !!

- Dec 26, 2017

Euro swears the faster he raps the more popular he'll be smh

- Dec 28, 2017

u mean cory?

- Dec 26, 2017

Cory Gunz. Euro. Mixtape Weezy. Young Money >>

Confused Mr. Krabs
- Dec 26, 2017

Euro bodied this shit 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 pure flames.

- Dec 26, 2017

Wayne was the weakest rapper on this

Michael Baidoo
- Dec 26, 2017


- Dec 26, 2017

Corey, Euro and Zoey Dollas all held their own on this tape. Gudda and Nicki did okay too. "Put us in the jungle, I get us all minks" god damn euro.

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