Skip Bayless' new show on Fox Sports 1, "Undisputed" will kick off next Tuesday, September 6th, at 9:30am EST and it will feature the musical stylings of Skip's long time pal, Lil Wayne.

"Lil Wayne has been a friend and frequent guest on my show," he said, "and I’ve told him how honored I am to have such a legend create such a great song for our new show."

Billboard just recently announced that Fox Sports 1 commissioned Lil Wayne to come up with the theme song for "Undisputed," and that Weezy will be making an appearance on the premiere episode next week. 

The president of Jingle Punks, Jared Gutstadt, who wrote and produced the track for Wayne, told Billboard;

“Knowing that Fox Sports is about to launch one of the biggest sports debate shows of all time, it’s only fitting that they partnered Jingle Punks with the biggest and most respected rapper of all time. It was absolutely astounding to see what Lil Wayne was able to bring to the table on this song." 

Skip will be joined by co-host Shannon Sharpe as well as sports radio host, Joy Taylor who will be mediating the debates between the two outspoken personalities on FS1. 

You can listen to a snippet of Lil Wayne's "Undisputed" theme song dubbed "No Mercy" below. The entire song will be available on iTunes within the next month.