DJ Funkmaster Flex had a very special guest for the launch of his website, as incarcerated rapper Lil Wayne made his first phone interview, calling in from Rikers Island where he is serving a sentence for criminal possession.

When asked what music he's listening to, Weezy regretfully admitted that he doesn't listen to music there because he is incapable of listening to himself, which is what he usually does. Instead, he listens to sports or "I listen to my thoughts," he said. He aspires to record with either Andre 3000 or Tech N9ne in the near future.

Lil Wayne also spoke of calling protégé Drake three to four times a week, but only getting through to the Young Money rapper on a weekly basis. He jokingly referred to Nicki Minaj as "my future wife" before explaining that he is hesitant to disturb his signees "in the midst of what they're doing right now because I know they have a lot on their plates."

Giving some insight into his day-to-day, Wayne said he wakes up at noon and calls his family ("I got a lot of kids to call") and childhood friend Mack Maine. He then reads his fan mail, which he said he could "read all day, everyday, because it's so much," giving him 4-5 hours worth of entertainment daily. Then it's dinner time -- "it's not what I expect, it's not what I want, it just isn't good," he said of the food -- another round of phone calls, and back to bed.

Upon release in November, Wayne will "move more carefully, and definitely take heed to my situation and my status," he said, confessing that every day he tries to find the reason he's there, but concludes he won't really know until he's out. Worried that the phone will cut out, Wayne took a moment at the end of the interview to thank his fans and Flex for the opportunity.

On September 27th, Lil Wayne is expected to release new EP "I'm Not a Human Being," coinciding with his birthday.