Officials at New York City's Rikers Island facility confiscated "music contraband" from Lil Wayne's jail cell on Tuesday, May 11, which included a pair of headphones, a charger and a MP3 watch. Wayne was charged with infraction for contraband when the items -- stuffed in a bag of potato chips -- were dug out of his trash can.

Although Weezy's slip-up doesn't seem to constitute a major penalty, a source at Rikers told MTV News that by protocol, the New Orleans rapper should be put to trial within 48 hours, where he would stand up to a captain and corrections officer. The outcome of the trial would determine his punishment, and whether or not he would be subject to serving more jail time."It depends on the severity of the infraction," the source said. "Level one is the worst. Then you have [level] two or three. [This infraction] could be a level one. He has to go on trial, and based on evidence, they'll make their determination."

The source explained that smuggling prohibited items into jail cells is not a very difficult task to accomplish. "There's a lot of ways it can happen," they said. "Through a visit, or it could be through someone else. In the visiting area the barrier between an inmate and the visitor is a small table -- that's about it. It could happen between when you first come in and [the visitor] gives you a hug."

The anonymous insider also confirmed that Lil Wayne has, in fact, been serving as a suicide-prevention aide, but says that his job is now at risk due to the current violation.