Lil Wayne has just set out on a set of "release party" dates, where he'll be performing a few fan favorites from his recently released tape, Sorry 4 The Wait. Unfortunately, Sunday's gig in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida got off to a shaky start, as a beer can was tossed at Wayne before he began performing, narrowly missing his head.

Of course, Weezy made sure to say something about the flying can, calling out the fan who threatened to ruin the show and injure Wayne with their stupidity. “Before I get started,” he said. “Somebody threw a fucking beer at me. I know it ain’t nothing but a white boy ’cause n--gas don’t drink beer.”

Later on in the night, an audience member was assaulted, and sources claim it to be the very same fan who threw the aforementioned can. The guy had apparently been heckling Wayne the entire night. Check out the footage below.