Lil Wayne has surfaced from the "murky murky waters" of the "purple purple rivers" to post a heartwarming announcement to his label-mate, protege and true love, Nicki Minaj

Nicki's new album, Queen, dropped on Friday to drama and acclaim. Her song "Barbie Dreams" has been the subject of many a post since it eviscerated every last shred of macho pride in the rap game and Lil Wayne stepped in to provide a classic Tunechi take on the song: "And The Barbie Dreams song. I love the fuckin song everybody love the song, but i really wish the song was just, like," Wayne pauses to gather his thoughts, and continues, "a dedication song to me. I really wish that was Barbie's dream."

On the album as a whole, Wayne was less in the mood to joke and was about as earnest as he gets, saying "I just wanna congratulate the beautiful queen Nicki Minaj, on the beautiful album, Queen" (Wayne still coming with the wordplay in a twitter psa). He calls the album "one of her best albums yet," a statement he revises a couple seconds later, with his eyes fixed on the camera and head tilted: "and I don't mean out of her catalogue, I mean period. It is one of the best albums out there period."